Protect your Spine
There are a number of things you need to do to protect the center of your life, your innate well being, that is your brain and spinal cord from which the nerves emit and collect messages to the 50 trillion cells in your body that are coordinated into one being, you.  You are a part of this environment and the millions of people and all life around you are coordinated by one higher force, each having been born with a purpose, therefore bringing about unison and harmony.  Listed below are some keys to protecting your back and neck.

Get adjusted
I hope that you have already seen that chiropractic care can help.  You may be asking already, how can I maintain my adjustments and speed my recovery.  We will discuss customizing a treatment plan which may include exercises, stretches, changes in how you perform your work, and weight loss.

Lift Properly
Lifting properly is important to protect your back from major injury as well as the build up of microtraumas.  Don’t work a hitch in your “gitty – up.”  Follow these recommendations from OSHA  .

Posture and ergonomics play a large roll in your spinal health.  The U.S. Department of Labor
has a checklist for you to determine if your computer workstation is set up correctly.  Even if your desk is set up correctly there are still hazards from prolonged activity and even inactivity.  There are ways you can provide recovery for overused muscles.  Remember to sit and stand tall, shoulders back.  Click here to see a demonstration of how neck and shoulder postures affect range of motion.

Exercise promotes well being of the body on so many levels.  It is good for the heart.  It is good for your mental and physical well being especially in times of stress.  It enlivens your spirit and boosts your confidence.
The American Heart Association and the President’s Challenge offer information on why exercise is important, how much you need, and how to set up a program.

Exercise is also good for battling the wear and tear put on our bodies through occupation, play, and living.  Keeping the muscles balanced prevents things such as shoulder and low back conditions and even subluxations to the spine that may interfere with the normal transmission of messages to and from the brain and the rest of the body.  I think it would be good for you to take a look at this page in an effort to stay healthy.
Dr. Friedmann’s occupational stress counteractive exercise….

Are you eating a diet completely reliant on sugar, corn chips, and potatoes? Keep your inflammation down with 5 fruits and vegetables a day, consuming nuts, and keeping your processed sugars and grain consumption down.

Essential Oils
A lot of hearts go out to this one – literally.  If you are not using fish oil or cod liver oils you need to be starting or at least looking into to the literature to find out why you are not.  Omega 3 fatty acids protect the heart, joints, brain, skin, immune system, gastrointestinal tract, and lungs.  They are a healthy way to decrease the inflammation in your body without the harmful side effects of NSAID (i.e. ibuprofen).  Children’s brain development is neurologically supported by the consumption of omega-3-fatty acids especially before the age of 6.  I’m using these and my kids are consuming this.  Your family should too. ”

What is sleep?
Webster defines it as, “The periodic suspension of consciousness during which the powers of the body are restored.”

Sleep is crucial to providing restoration and growth along with building immunity. Along with increasing alertness, energy levels and health. During sleep several things occur in our body that emphasizes this re-healing.
1. Blood supply to the muscles is increased, which aids in recovery after intense workouts or vigorous exercise.
2. The body’s temperature is lowered to conserve energy.
3. Metabolic activity is at its lowest which provides the opportunity for tissue growth and repair.
4. The secretion of growth hormone is at its highest.
5. Immune system regulators increase, strengthening the immune system.
6. Thoughts are organized for quick retrieval.

Spiritual Wellness

I think most of us by now have realized that things happen beyond our control.  On the chiropractic end of things, there are numerous biological processes that just cannot be replicated in the lab.  We can examine the most finite part of our being right down to the cell and understand how it works, its replication and chemical reactions.  We can break the cell down into its organic and inorganic elements and see the molecules, their valences and vibrations.  But to put it all back together, to manufacture a working cell can not be done.  If you’re not believing it, I think it is time to realize that there is a higher power, a universal intelligence, that coordinates everything within and around you.  You were born with a purpose.  Universal intelligence, or God, or whatever you believe Him to be, produces nothing more and nothing less than what she needs.  Hence, you were made perfect, with nothing more, nothing less than what you already have within you.

A spiritual life is a purpose driven life.  For answers about “what is the meaning of life” or answers to other common questions in your life click here.


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